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Prototype Machining

Being located in Auburn, WA, GMS Metal Works, Inc. has had the opportunity to work with many of the world's most innovative companies from large spectrum of industries. Aerospace, satellite communications, petroleum and non-petroleum power, food processing, and heavy equipment industries greatly rely on machining services provided by GMS. The GMS Team has a tremendous amount of experience taking rough sketches (affectionately called napkin sketches), models, or concepts and converting them into real world 3-D objects. We understand that during the prototype engineering phase of any project there are numerous challenges that often arise (continuous design changes compounded by short lead times). Due to our diverse capabilities and experience, GMS can often times minimize the impact of these elements in order to keep any project moving forward.

Some of the features that GMS offers includes:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Journeyman machinists
  • Fast lead times
  • 24/7 service
  • Quick quotes
  • Great pricing structures
  • Extensive variety of materials
  • Milling & turning
  • Large supplier network
  • 40+ CNC workcenters
  • 10+ manual machines
  • Extensive experience in most materials
  • Support for multiple CAD systems